BCSR 2023

Balochistan Composite Schedule of Rates (BCSR)

Welcome to the official website of the Balochistan Composite Schedule of Rates (BCSR), of the Planning and Development (P&D) Department, Balochistan. Here, we take immense pride in presenting a platform dedicated to transparency, collaboration, and continuous progress in the realm of public infrastructure development.

The CSR Cell was established vide Government of Balochistan, Planning & Development Department’s Notification No. P&D-SOA-1(88)/2021 dated: 28th December, 2021 with a noble mission in mind – to foster better performance and efficiency within the Planning and Development Department through the annual updating of the Balochistan Composite Schedule of Rates (BCSR). This initiative has proven to be a pivotal driving force, propelling the growth and development of Balochistan’s diverse landscapes and communities.

Composition of CSR Cell

S# Name of Current Incumbent Designation of Officer
1 Mr. Ghous Bakhsh Marri Chief Economist P&DD / Chairman CSR
2 Mr. Aamir Hussain Hazara Chief of Section (CSR) P&DD / Head
3 Mr. Sumeet Kumar Research Officer (CSR) P&DD / Member

The Technical Team of CSR

S# Name of Officer Designation
1 Mr. Nasrullah Kasi (Retd:)Director, Buearu of Statistics, P&DD
2 Muahmmad Haris System Analyst (CSR)
3 Engr: Faheem-ur-Rehman Superintending Engineer, P&DD
4 Engr: Zafar Ahmad Kurd Director (Tech:) LG&RD

TORs of CSR Cell:

  • To analyze the market inflation with regard to CSR items.
  • To convene the meeting of Technical Committee & Steering Committee regarding updation/revision of CSR.
  • To coordinate with all the concerned Provincial Executing Agencies for provision of rate analysis of the items which are ought to be updated in CSR.
  • To add missing/new items based on innovative engineering practices, machinery and materials in updated CSR subject to due deliberation with all the works departments.
  • To prepare the draft of updated CSR and present it before the technical committee & Steering Committee.

Message from Chief Economist / Chairman (CSR) P&DD.

At the heart of our efforts lies a dedication to equitable development, where every person residing in Balochistan benefits from projects that positively impact their lives. The CSR Cell acts as a central hub, synergizing the collective efforts of Policy Makers, Planning Body, Executing Departments, sponsoring Agencies, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure that development endeavors are executed with utmost effectiveness and adherence to standards.

                                                                                                                                                              (Ghous Bakhsh Marri)

 Notification BCSR, 2023                                                                                                                


S# Chapter
1 Chapter-1 CSR 2023
2 Chapter-2 ( Loading and Unloading)
3 Chapter-3 ( Earth Work)
4 Chapter-4 ( Dismentling)
5 Chapter-5 ( Plain and RCC)
6 Chapter-6 ( (Prestressed Concrete)
7 Chapter-7 ( Pile Foundation Concrete)
8 Chapter-8 ( Damp Proof Course)
9 Chapter-9 ( Solid Cement Concreate Block Mansonry)
10 Chapter-10 ( Hollow Cement Concreate Block Mansonry)
11 Chapter-11( Brick Work)
12 Chapter-12( Stone Mansonry)
13 Chapter-13( Roofing)
14 Chapter-14(Flooring)
15 Chapter-15 (Finishing)
16 Chapter-16 (Wood and Plastic Work)
17 Chapter-17(Painting and Varnshing)
18 Chapter-18(Lining of Canals)
19 Chapter-19(Protection and Diversion Works)
20 Chapter-20(Outlets)
21 Chapter-21(Road and Road Structure)
22 Chapter-22(Sheet Pilling)
23 Chapter-23(Pluming, Sanitary)
24 Chapter-24(Surface Drainage)
25 Chapter-25(Sawrges)
26 Chapter-26(Sinking of Walls)
27 Chapter-27(Tubwell and Watersupply)
28 Chapter-28(Iron Aluminum Works)
29 Chapter-29(Horticulture)
30 Chapter-30(Electrical Installations)
31 Chapter-31(Micelinious)
32 2- Labor Rate
33 3- Plant and Equipment
34 4- Material Rate


Contact us:

Office :  081-9201029

Email:   [email protected].

Address: Room#22, Block 13, Ground Floor, P&D Department Civil Secretariate Balochistan, Quetta.